Love & Basketball: No Look Pass Gets 2nd Screening at Outfest [Culturelicious]

By Arturo R. García

Like many college basketball players, Emily Tay’s quest to keep her career going led her to Europe. But her journey on the court is just a part of her story, and No Look Pass, which premiered this past weekend at Outfest in Los Angeles, captures the remarkable pressures Tay faces in her life, and not just as a basketball player.

The film chronicles Tay’s transition from starring at Harvard, where she was named the Ivy League’s Player of the Week three times as a senior and singed rival Yale with 34 points in her final game, to starting her professional career in Germany, a decision which puts her at odds with her parents, who expect Emily to enter an arranged marriage. What her parents don’t know, though, is that Emily is gay. Her romantic life faces another challenge in Germany, where she begins a relationship with a U.S. servicewoman

credits to Racialicious

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    Love & Basketball: No Look Pass Gets 2nd Screening at Outfest credits to Racialicious This looks like a really good...
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    "No Look Pass" looks great! If only my LA trip had included OutFest time, I would have run to see this documentary.
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