Suffrage for Saudi Women

Why are women just getting the right to vote now?  Sheesh. And some people think we live in a post-sexist and post-feminist world. 

How Finland Became an Education Leader

"Harvard professor Tony Wagner explains how the nation achieved extraordinary successes by deemphasizing testing"

Hmmm, food for thought.


love with reckless abandon

Can’t wait til the leaves turn.

City Council approves Chinatown business improvement district

check it out!


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Health Insurance Plans Required to Offer FREE Birth Control by August 2012.


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Budapest | The Chain Bridge | June 2011

Oi, I want to travel somewhere!

Budapest | The Chain Bridge | June 2011

Oi, I want to travel somewhere!

Oh being a second-year

Everyone keeps asking, do you know what you are doing for comps?

My response is, I don’t know. 

And I’m ok with that.



for real, lil wayne got nothing on them.


Oh goodness.  If you haven’t seen the ridiculous Summer’s Eve commercials… Stephen Colbert has his own thoughts. Hahaha

Wait, Asian and Pacific Islander women don’t have talking vaginas?  These products aren’t for all women?  Oh right. EVEN in racist commercials, we’re forgotten.  Maybe it was better that there was no API vagina.  Lord knows what on earth Summer’s Eve would have done. Let me guess — she would have had an accent? And would have spoken in broken English?

Thanks Summer’s Eve for perpetuating stereotypes.

In the words of Eve Ensler from the monologue, “My Angry Vagina,”  stop trying to clean our vaginas.